My name is Sunny and I'm an illustrator and designer from Essex. With a passion for art from a very young age (including an obsession with Art Attack), I went on to leave college with A Levels in Graphic Design, Photography and Maths. Studying Graphic Design at college really helped me with finding my passion for the world of digital art and digital design.


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Sunny Designs originally started with me just sharing my doodles and designs drawn on my iPad using Procreate. Then when the pandemic hit, followed by many lockdowns, I had a lot of spare time and not a lot to do. So I put all of my time and energy into developing my art and design skills while sharing the journey on my Instagram. My next big step was the purchase of an art printer. This was followed by an influx of requests for custom greeting cards, stickers, art prints, leaflets, business cards and so much more! 


Food - Chinese Takeaway

Drink - Tea

Season - Autumn

Animal - Ducks

Celebration - Halloween & Christmas

Hobby - Reading Books